Apply for a Grant


Thank you for your interest in applying for an HoTPCA grant! After reading our Grants Program Description and Overview, please choose a category below to complete your application. Applications may be submitted at any time during the year on a rolling basis.


Category A: Application Process for Current Peace Corps Volunteers from the State of Texas

Step 1: Current Peace Corps Volunteers must submit an application to the Peace Corps Partnership Program in order to receive funding from HoTPCA. For instructions on how to submit this application, please reach out to your local Peace Corps country leadership.

Step 2: Once your project is listed live on the Peace Corps Partnership Program website, please notify HoTPCA by sending an email titled “Current PCV HoTPCA Grant Interest” to [email protected]

Step 3: Application reviewal and notification (see below)

Additional information: Current Peace Corps Volunteers requesting funds must demonstrate their commitment to the project by providing community labor, monetary contributions, local resources and/or training.  After completion of their Peace Corps experience, recipients are encouraged to present their work in person at the HoTPCA Annual Meeting or special event.


Category B: Application Process for HoTPCA Members

Step 1: HoTPCA Members or Central Texas based Returned Peace Corps Volunteers may apply here for grant funding to support the following projects:

  • A project in your country of service through an NGO or Friends program
  • A project in your local Central Texas community

Step 2: Application reviewal and notification (see below)


Category C: Application Process for Texas-Based NGOs and 501(3)cs

Benefiting organizations must be a registered 501(c)3 or an NGO with a Board of Directors who will administer the funds.

Step 1: Please apply here for grant funding. Projects must align with the Peace Corps spirit and goals and meet our criteria.

Step 2: Application reviewal and notification (see below)



Step 1: Committee Review

HoTPCA’s Grants Committee reviews application(s) on a quarterly basis for eligibility, based on the following Grants Criteria and Selection Criteria.

Step 2: Board Review and Final Committee Approval

[1] The HoTPCA Grants Committee will make a recommendation to the HoTPCA Board. Proposed grant is sent out by email to Board members for three days.

[2] Grants Committee will review feedback and make final decisions.

Step 3: Notification

  • Approval – the Committee will notify the applicant and coordinate disbursal of funds with the HoTPCA Treasurer.
  • Rejection – the Committee will notify the applicant and provide advice on changes the applicant could make to meet HoTPCA criteria.  New or revised funding requests from an applicant will be considered.

The Committee will inform HoTPCA members, via the website and/or e-mail, of all approved grants.

Step 4: Reporting

  • At the completion of the funded project, grant recipients are required to send HoTPCA a final written report by email to [email protected], including photographs, if available. Interim reports on project progress are encouraged.
  • For current PCVs, submitting a final report is optional. HoTPCA will request a final report from the Peace Corps Partnership on any PCV project funded by a HoTPCA grant.



Project funding does not guarantee the availability of future funds.  Funding will not be provided for individuals, scholarships, travel, or general operating expenses.

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